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Registered Social Worker, Providing: Counselling Psychotherapy Consultation


24 Nov

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists (and a few others, which don’t start with “P”).

Over the years, I have on many occasions encountered people feeling puzzled by these three mental health professionals; all starting with “P”. “What is the difference?” people ask. “Aren’t they really just the same thing?” Well, no. And yes. Sort of. Isn’t that nice and clear? In my first blog post I began to explain […]

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17 Nov

My First Blog Post

All of the advice I have read on building a good website for private practice recommends blogging. Is this good advice? I don’t know. I’m a therapist. What do I know about building websites? I haven’t read anything saying, “Blogging is a total waste of time for counselling and psychotherapy websites.” So… I guess I […]

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