Tips from the Top:  What some of the best known couple therapists and researchers have to say.

Dr. Gottman and Dr Gottman:
They are a couple. They both have Ph.D.s. For half a century they have studied and worked with couples.  It would be hard to find anyone more knowledgeable about couple relationships than John and Julie Gottman.

Here’s a video of Julie: How To Complain Without Hurting Your Partner

Here’s a video of John: Relationship Repair That Works

Dr. Susan Johnson:
I’m proud to say she is Canadian. Sue Johnson is known worldwide for her therapeutic expertise with couples.

Ben Furman’s “Criticism Simulator:”
Ben is a Finnish psychiatrist, who – among other things – has created some helpful apps for tablets and smartphones.  Click on the title to use his “Criticism Simultor” online, or install it on your phone.  It is a fantastic app, which takes insulting, blaming and conflict-producing criticism, and re-works it into something your partner will find much easier to hear, and respond to positively.

Click here to see all of Ben’s apps.

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