Counselling and psychotherapy are professional services, which typically helps a person dealing with difficulties in one or more of three areas of experience:

I work with kids, as well as adults. One of the lessons kids have taught me is to speak clearly and simply. Don’t waste time on fancy words, or too many words. If you do, kids will stop paying attention, or tell you that you talk funny.

So, when I introduce counselling to kids, I draw a triangle like the one above and ask the child, “Are there any thoughts, or feelings, or behaviours which are bugging you or giving you trouble?”

It is actually quite rare when a child does not immediately nod, and pick one or more, saying something like:

> “I feel sad a lot.”
> “I get in trouble at school all the time, and I don’t like it.”
> “I think nobody likes me.”

Then, when I ask if the child would like some help with that, it is also quite rare to hear, “No thanks.”  Kids are amazing.  They don’t overly complicate things.  They answer honestly and from the heart.  They are not afraid to ask for help.

We adults have often forgotten these wise childhood ways. 

So if you are wondering if counselling might be for you, I invite you to try thinking with the simple wisdom of a child.  Are there any thoughts, or feelings, or behaviour, which are bugging you or giving you trouble?  Would you like some help with that?

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