Chris Lindsay, M.Ed., RSW

Registered Social Worker, Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  Experienced and effective therapy.

Why Consider Chris?


Over 25 years of experience.

Extensive practice with individuals, groups and families.

Treatment of a diversity of concerns and problems.











Childhood abuse and neglect.

Parenting and
family relationships.



CBT and DBT.

EFT and Experiential Therapy.

Family Therapy.

Narrative and Solution Focused Therapy.

When To Consider Counselling

When you feel stuck.

People usually seek help from a therapist when feeling stuck with, and unable to improve in two general problem areas.  These two areas are:


You feel awful.  Miserable; and it is hard to tolerate.  Maybe you feel constantly irritable.  It does not take much for you to get snappy.  Maybe you are down in the dumps.  You don’t care about much anymore.  Maybe you feel vulnerable.  Your mind races with worries, and sometimes it feels hard to breathe.


You have noticed a decrease in your ability to cope and manage your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.  Your functioning is just not your best; maybe far from it.  This might be at work, in relationships, or in terms of your health.

Unfortunately, there is no rule limiting you to just one kind of suffering or problem with functioning.  There can be several at once, and they can overlap and influence each other, in a “vicious circle” kind of way.

It’s hard when you feel stuck, and all of us need some help at one point or another in life.  Chris Lindsay, M.Ed., RSW, offers experienced and effective therapy when you need some help.

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“If we look beyond the list of specific symptoms that entail formal psychiatric diagnoses, we find that almost all mental suffering involves either trouble in creating workable and satisfying relationships or difficulties in regulating arousal (as in the case of habitually becoming enraged, shut down, overexcited, or disorganized). Usually it’s a combination of both. The standard medical focus on trying to discover the right drug to treat a particular “disorder” tends to distract us from grappling with how our problems interfere with our functioning as members of our tribe.”

— Bessel van der Kolk (2014. “The Body Keeps the Score”) —

…man can no more survive psychologically in a psychological milieu that does not respond empathetically to him, than he can survive physically in an atmosphere that contains no oxygen.

— Heinz Kohut —

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