Chris Lindsay, M.Ed., RSW

Registered Social Worker, Providing: Counselling Psychotherapy Consultation

When To Consider Counselling

When you feel stuck.

People usually seek help from a therapist when feeling stuck with, and unable to improve in two general problem areas.  These two areas are:


You feel awful.  Tolerating the misery has become very difficult, if not overwhelming.  Maybe you feel constantly irritable, to the point where you want to scream.  Or so down in the dumps that you don’t care about much.  Fear and a sense of vulnerability might be filling your mind with worries, or even making it hard to breathe. 

The list goes on.  There are many unpleasant, even disturbing feelings which can make us feel miserable.  And unfortunately, there is no rule saying you are limited to only one…


Coping and effectively manage your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities have become compromised.  You are not functioning at your best, and might even be facing the fact that your functioning is approaching your worst.  This can be at work, in relationships, or with your health. 

As with suffering, there is no rule limiting you to just one of these areas.  They can overlap and influence each other, in a “vicious circle” kind of way.

Feeling stuck?  Contact Chris.

Why Consider Chris?

Experienced.  Respectful.  Engaging.  Person centered.


Over 25 years as a professional social worker means extensive experience providing counselling, psychotherapy, and family therapy.  I have enjoyed working with a diverse range of people; developing knowledge and skills in many types of therapy, for a broad range of concerns and problems.


You are a unique person, with strengths, capabilities and admirable qualities; no matter what you have been through, and what brings you to therapy.  You deserve to be treated with dignity, understanding and kindness throughout your counselling experience.


Therapy is serious business, and hard work.  I take it seriously.  But there is no rule in therapy which says, “No fun allowed!”  Laughter is therapeutic.  It makes the work… seem less like work.  Expect to enjoy some lighthearted moments 🙂

Person Centered

My focus is you: what you are struggling with, what you need, and what you want to achieve.  Promoting fancy types of therapy or promoting myself as a therapist must take a back seat to understanding what brings you to therapy, and what you need while you participate in counselling.

"If we look beyond the list of specific symptoms that entail formal psychiatric diagnoses, we find that almost all mental suffering involves either trouble in creating workable and satisfying relationships or difficulties in regulating arousal (as in the case of habitually becoming enraged, shut down, overexcited, or disorganized). Usually it's a combination of both. The standard medical focus on trying to discover the right drug to treat a particular "disorder" tends to distract us from grappling with how our problems interfere with our functioning as members of our tribe." -- Bessel van der Kolk (from his 2014 book, "The Body Keeps the Score")