It’s not just for kids…

ADHD is not exclusively a childhood disorder.  Many adults experience it as well.  These ADHD resource links will take you to the websites of experts on ADHD and its management and treatment.

Dr. Russell Barkley:
When it comes to ADHD research and treatment, Dr. Russell Barkley is probably the most well known and respected authority out there.

Dr. Kenny Handleman:
Closer to home, Dr. Handleman is based in Oakville, Ontario.  The title of one of his books – “Attention Difference Disorder” – says a lot about his recognition of the strengths associated with ADHD, and the fact that it is a different way of thinking, not an inferior way.

Dr. Thomas Brown:
Dr. Brown is a world leader in ADHD research and treatment; with a down-to-earth, engaging and humourous style. His website offers a wealth of information and advice, which is quite accessible as well as educational.