Video and telephone counselling are easy and convenient.

In addition to traditional in-person service, I can provide video and telephone counselling.  For video appointments, I make use of Sessions by Psychology and telephone counsellingg

Sessions is designed for use with counselling and psychotherapy.  It provides a high degree of security and confidentiality to protect your privacy.

My Sessions use this link:  This is a static link, meaning it remains the same each session.  Just click it at the scheduled appointment time, type in your name and off we go.

If you have never tried it, video conferencing is not difficult.  You need a reasonable internet connection (slow connections can result in choppy video and occasional freezing of sound and picture), and a device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) with functioning web-camera and audio (microphone and speaker/headphones).  In addition, you need a web browser.  Firefox or Chrome are recommended.

Telephone counselling is also available, if you do not have a device and/or sufficiently fast internet connection.  (Or if you simply prefer telephone to video.) 

Contact Chris to schedule either by video or telephone.

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