Mental Health Resource Listings

Mental Health ResourcesThe three links below provide extensive information on mental health resources from Canadian, provincial (Ontario), and municipal (Sarnia-Lambton) perspectives.

The Website
To begin with, this comprehensive and searchable website provides information on a wide range of mental health topics and resources across Canada.  Use the screening tools available to help you evaluate your mental health and suggest possible areas of concern.  Find available help via search by topic and/or geographical location, which yields links to organizations and professionals.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is the largest research facility in Canada for mental health and addictions.  Learn from Mental Health 101.  After that, check out their guides and publications on a wide range of topics.

Sarnia-Lambton Mental Health Resources
A thorough list of local services and resources, provided by Bluewater Health.

Getting Help in a Crisis
If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis situation, all three of the above links offer relevant contact information.  In addition, I have compiled a list of crisis contacts in the Sarnia-Lambton area.


Resources for Specific Mental Health Topics

Please click on any of the topics below, to visit the resource pages I have developed on the subject.


Attention Deficit, or Executive Functioning Disorder, is not only experienced by children.  It is also not just about attention.  In fact, many would say it is not a disorder, but a difference in how the mind operates.


Anxiety is a normal experience for everyone.  However, it can also be “extra” for those with an anxiety disorder.  Sometimes a lot of extra.  In short, the most common problem faced in mental health.


Depression sets-up a catch-22 scenario. To feel better, you need to do things; but your motivation to do things has dropped into the basement. The resource page links to an excellent workbook.

Parent-Child Conflict

Dealing with your child’s oppositional and defiant behaviour is enormously difficult; for both parent and child. It requires a shift in thinking and operating which, as the saying goes, “They don’t teach us in school.”

Family and Relationships

Relationships – especially the close ones – can be hard.  After all, the most intense emotions arise in our closest relationships. While this can seem impossible to manage, these experts in the field offer hope.


If you pay any attention at all to news and social media, you have heard about trauma. Perhaps you also experience it yourself. It can be debilitating, and in the past was considered untreatable. Not any more. Now an abundance of information and help exists.

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