Click on one or more of these downloadable mental health resources, which I hope you find helpful.

Guided MeditationRelaxing on a beach downloadable resource.

Listen to this MP3 audio recording as I guide you through some basic relaxation practices, including visualizing yourself on a beach.  The sound of waves… the warmth of the sun… a cool breeze and blue water as far as you can see.  Feel a bit more relaxed already?

Anger Iceberg

I included this in the downloadable resources, as it is one of the most common handouts I provide to people.  Early in my training, I learned, “Anger is never alone.”  Anger resists calming efforts when important emotions behind it are ignored.  Have you tried to resolve anger unsuccessfully?  Use this diagram to look for other emotions lurking “underwater.”  They need to be recognized and validated before anger will be willing to budge.

Practical Application of Mindfulness

Over the years, I told this story many times in therapy sessions.  So many, that eventually I decided to write a blog post about it.  It may sound silly (what happened with the dog really was, and I hope you find it amusing) but my misfortune provides an excellent illustration of how mindfulness can be used to help deal with adversity.

The Rolling TherapistThe Rolling Therapist

I tried my hand at a YouTube channel for a year or so.  Videos provide mental health information, in a motovlog format.  (I shoot video while riding around on my motorcycle.)