Guided Relaxation

This is an MP3 audio recording, in which I guide you through some basic relaxation exercises.  Almost any audio device newer than a cassette tape player should be able to play this back for you.  In this recording I walk you through paying attention to breathing, and then a guided visualization of relaxing on a beach.

Download “Relaxing On A Beach” relax_on_beach.mp3 – Downloaded 264 times – 16 MB

The Anger Iceberg

There are numerous versions of this illustration floating around cyber-space.  I am not actually sure who originally came up with the idea.  This is my version of it, which I created many years ago.  It is still one of the handouts I give it out most often.  One of the first things I learned as a bright-eyed young therapy intern was, “Anger is never alone.”  If you have trouble getting a handle on anger, there is a very good chance it’s because there are other emotions behind it, which need to be identified and addressed too.

Download “Anger Iceberg” anger_iceberg.pdf – Downloaded 292 times – 58 KB

Practical Mindfulness; or “The dog who bit my bum.”

OK, I admit it; this isn’t a download.  It’s just a link to one of my blog posts.  This is one of the stories I tell most often in counselling sessions, though.  Most people seem to like it.  It’s not a bad illustration of how to use “mindfulness” (which is trendy, but kind of vague and hard to understand) to help cope with unpleasant feelings.

Click here for The dog who bit my bum.