Relationships can be hard work.Relationship resource links

Relationship tensions and struggles?  These relationship resource links connect you to several of the leading experts in the field, along with some practical resources you can start to use right away.

Dr. Gottman and Dr Gottman:
They are a couple. They both have Ph.D.s. For half a century they have studied and worked with couples.  It would be hard to find anyone more knowledgeable about couple relationships than John and Julie Gottman.

Here’s a video of Julie: How To Complain Without Hurting Your Partner

Here’s a video of John: Relationship Repair That Works

Dr. Susan Johnson:
I’m proud to say she is Canadian. Sue Johnson is known worldwide for her therapeutic expertise with couples.

Emotion-Focused Family Therapy

Another home-grown Canadian therapy… for families.  From the website: “Rooted in a deep and unwavering belief in the healing power of families.”

Ben Furman’s “Criticism Simulator:”
Ben is a Finnish psychiatrist, who – among other things – has created some helpful apps for tablets and smartphones.  Click on the title to use his “Criticism Simulator” online, or install it on your phone.  It is a fantastic app, which takes insulting, blaming and conflict-producing criticism, and re-works it into something your partner will find much easier to hear, and respond to positively.

Click here to see all of Ben’s apps.

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