About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are the primary services offered by Chris Lindsay.  So… what exactly are counselling and psychotherapy, and how can they help improve your mental health?  Click here for a description of what they are, to help decide if you would like to participate.


Counselling and psychotherapy services.

Types of Therapy

It was not long ago, in the relatively short history of counselling and therapy, when most therapists practiced psychodynamic (think Sigmund Freud) psychotherapy.  In the past half-a-dozen decades, an explosion of different models and techniques took place.  There are now a bewildering array of   counselling and psychotherapy methods.  I have trained and practiced in various different methods, which I am able to draw from as I work with individuals and families.  Please click here to learn more about the different kinds of counselling and psychotherapy I provide.


Getting the Most from Counselling and Psychotherapy

Get the most out of counselling and psychotherapy services.

The therapist is certainly important for successful outcomes; but did you know that there is reason to believe that the client – the person working with the therapist – may be more important than the therapist?  There is no question that there are various things you can do to help improve the successful outcomes of your participation in counselling and therapy.  Click here to find out.



Workshops and Public Speaking:

Need a speaker to talk about mental health at your event?  My services also include workshops and public speaking.  Any of the topics listed under “Resources” on the main menu are readily available.  For other topics of interest, please contact me to discuss details.