anxiety is not norad

Anxiety Is Not NORAD

Sometimes it seems like anxiety is trying to tell us something.  Those tingly feelings in our guts do feel like a warning signal; alerting us to something serious and best not ignored.  However, anxiety is not NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). I was listening recently to a discussion between 4 psychologists.  One of them,…

tolerating calm is difficult

Tolerating Calm, Part 3

Tolerating Calm, Part 3 OK, I was planning to wrap-up this whole tolerating calm thing today.  However… it ain’t gonna happen.  I’m having too much fun writing about it.  For the 3 people reading this blog (Hi Mom!) I promise I’ll get to the “how to fix it” stuff.  Later. Two weeks ago, I wrote…

calm and relaxed state

Tolerating Calm

“Tolerating calm.”  Say what, now? I’ll admit, when I first heard this phrase – tolerating calm – it sounded odd; almost an oxymoron.  What’s to tolerate?  It’s… calm. Calm itself can be quite pleasant.  The young folk might use the word “chill” (or at least they did at some point; I can’t keep up with…